The Beer Dandla (Dandla = Bavarian synonym for a trader) is the online beer gift shop in the south of Munich, and for all those who appreciate the genuine and consciously enjoy beer. Early 80's was the success of the Craft Beer. It all began in the United States - since the eighties, the number of breweries from around 50 there increased nationwide to over 1,800 and there are still more to come. Was responsible and the trend away from industrial mass production towards characterful beers in small quantities - the Craft beers. Today these breweries it mostly on special hops and malts, but also berries, coffee or spices are no longer a taboo, in contrast to chemical additives, which are undesirable in the craft beer scene. The European strongholds of the craft beer movement are found mainly in Scandinavia, the Benelux countries and Italy. Now go well with us in Germany more and more innovative brewers because brewing these special beers away from the mainstream. Go out with your senses on a journey of discovery beery and let yourself be surprised by the variety of beery taste impressions. The beer innovations from KALEA offer you the perfect platform to "beery delight to bestow."

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The beer garden posters in the style of the traditional high-speed railway network of the Munich S-Bahn and U-Bahn stops

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Are you ready for your Beer Lederhosen Style Holder?

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Maybe too strong for you...

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Warning: "The consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy may even draw small amounts of heavy consequences for the health of the child after himself ."